Point of Care Testing Manual

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Table of Contents
General Info About Quality Control in POCT Locations
POCT Waived Competency
Normal Values for POCT

POCT Policy and Appendices
Point of Care Policy
POCT Employee & Medical Staff Competency
List of Waived Tests Performed at UCSF Medical Center Hospitals and Clinics
List of Non-Waived Tests Performed at UCSF Medical Center Hospitals and Clinics
Provider Performed Microscopy
PPMP Competency Checklist
Temperature Monitoring
POCT Request Form
POCT Discontinuation Form
Approved UCSF Medical Center Point of Care Tests

POCT Site Audit Policy

Common Inpatient and Outpatient Waived Tests
Accu-Check Inform II Blood Glucose Determination
Gastroccult® Testing
HemoCue DM (201)
QuickVue+ One-Step hCG Pregnancy Test
Multistix10SG® and Uristix®

Specialty Waived Tests
Binax NOW RSV Test
Cholesterol Monitor Using Cholestech LDX System
Coagucheck XS - Prothrombin Time INR
Creatinine testing using iSTAT
Gastric pH - Pediatric
Hemoglobin A1C By The DCA Vantage
OraQuick Advance Rapid HIV Antibody
pH Paper: Determination of Vaginal, Ocular or Gastric pH
Signify Strep A
Clinitek Status Plus Analyzer

Monthly Audit Forms
POCT Quality Control Guidelines
POCT Waived Tests and Quality Controls

Patient Worksheets
Multistix10SG® and Uristix®

Moderately Complex Tests
AVOXimeter 1000E
Hemochron Response P214 ACT
Hemochron Response FTCA510 ACT
I-STAT 1 (Blood Gas, Electrolyte and other analytes)
i-STAT Chem8+
Medtronic ACT PlusTM Automated Coagulation Timer
Radiometer ABL 90
ROTEM Delta Thromboelastometry

Hemochron Signature Elite ACT LR

Provider Performed Microscopy
Fern Test Examination
KOH Prep Microscopy
Pinworm Examination
Qualitative Semen Analysis
Saline Wet Mount Microscopy
Urine Microscopy

QC Logs
Binax RSV QC Log (tip sheet)
Binax RSV QC Log
Coloscreen Test QC Log
DCA Vantage QC Log
Gastroccult Test QC Log
OraQuick Rapid HIV QC Log (tip sheet)
OraQuick Rapid HIV QC Log
QuickVue Plus Urine Pregnancy QC Log (tip sheet)
QuickVue Plus Urine Pregnancy Log
Signify Strep A External QC Log (tip sheet)
Signify Strep A External QC Log
Multistix10SG® and Uristix® QC Log

Clinitek Status Maintenance Log

QC Results (pH QC logs)
pHydrion QC Log
pH indicator strip log
pH Paper 4.5 to 8.5 QC Log

Waived Tests Training Checklists
iSTAT Creatinine
AccuCheck Inform II
Cholestech LDX
Clinitek Status Plus Urinalysis and Microalbumin
Clinitek Status Plus 10 SG Urinalysis
Clinitek Status Uristix
CoaguChek XS
DCA Vantage
OraQuick Advance HIV 1/2 Antibody
pH Paper
pH Strips
QuickVue + One Step hCG
Signify Strep A
Multistix10SG® and Uristix® Quiz
Multistix10SG® and Uristix® Quick Guide