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Welcome to the UCSF Clinical Labs online laboratory manual.  We are proud to offer an extensive menu of clinical tests and services through our four CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratories at Moffitt-Long Hospital, Mission Bay Hospitals, Mt. Zion, and China Basin. We additionally have two limited service moderate complexity CLIA-certified labs at Berkeley Outpatient Center and San Mateo Cancer Center. Our menu spans a diverse array of chemistry, hematology, transfusion medicine, microbiology, immunology, special chemistry, cytogenetics, molecular diagnostics, and stem cell/transplant testing, as well as additional testing available through our affiliated reference laboratories.

This online laboratory manual contains information about the tests available through the UCSF Clinical Laboratories.  You can search for tests as well as find information about laboratory operations and policies, our accreditation and licensing, and other helpful resources. Each test entry contains information about the testing site, method, sample requirements, availability, normal ranges, critical values, as well as additional information on patient preparation, collecting samples, test interpretation, and utilization guidance.

If a desired test is not listed in the laboratory manual, please contact the laboratory at 415-353-1667 and ask to speak to a laboratory medicine resident, Medical/Section Director, or our send-out staff to inquire if the test is available. Federal CLIA regulations require that we only refer samples for testing to other CLIA (or equivalent) certified laboratories. If the test is available at one of our approved, CLIA certified reference laboratories, it may be ordered in APeX as a Miscellaneous Outside Lab Test (MOLT). When ordering a MOLT, please include the exact name of the test and the name of the laboratory to which it will be sent.

We regret that we are unable to perform tests on staff members, family members or pets as a professional courtesy. Tests on laboratory animals for research purposes, which are charged against research funds, can be performed only after prior arrangement with the Medical Director of the respective section. Further, per Medical Center policy, the UCSF Clinical Laboratories will not process, package or ship research samples to external research or commercial laboratories.

The professional staff of the Clinical Labs and the Department of Laboratory Medicine is responsible for the performance or referral of requested tests. If problems arise related to laboratory testing, please contact a Laboratory Medicine Resident,  one of our Medical Directors or an appropriate member of our staff.


Parul Bhargava, M.D.

Vice Chair Clinical Services, Dept of Laboratory Medicine

Sr Medical Director, UCSF Clinical Laboratories

Cliff Lowell, M.D., Ph.D.

Chair, Dept of Laboratory Medicine