Outreach Services

The UCSF Clinical Laboratory and Department of Laboratory Medicine have an extensive menu of outreach testing and consultative services, including:

Please click on the above links for additional information on our specific services, and see our test menu for collection and result details.

If you are an outside institution interested in establishing an account and sending specimens to our laboratory for testing, please complete the following steps:

  1. Access account form via DocuSign
  2. If the Requestor is different than the Authorized Approver/Guarantor, enter their contact information.
  3. Requestor will be prompted to complete the Institutional Account Form and Fax Verification Form.
  4. Submit forms through DocuSign.
  5. Authorized Approver will receive an email to finalize and sign account form.
  6. UCSF Clinical Lab Outreach will provide Requestor and Authorized Approver an account number and specimen requisition form within 48-72 hours of submission.

For questions, please contact Clinical Lab Outreach at [email protected] or 415-502-2632.